For the love of…

WELL. Today was pretty fun but incredibly tough… Let’s run through this:

Warm up was 10 wipers
20 squats
10 PVC OH squats
10 lunges
10 windmills
10 cobra push-ups
5 scorpions
Warm up x2.

Work out was 10 burpees
20 squats
30 knees and toes sit ups
50 jumping jacks
60 second wall sit
This was repeated x3

Needless to say…


For dinner I’m making some boneless skinless chicken breasts (always a go to for me) and green beans… Possibly some quinoa if I get my butt into gear and make it 😁.

And one last meme because I wasn’t sure if I could hold the clutch in my whole way home (and the next two days I’ll be even MORE shaky)



Well it’s been a minute since I’ve gotten to catch up on my blogging. I figured this would happen from time to time. I did my crossfit Monday, Tues, and Wed last week then pulled a muscle running so I had to take the next few days off and I’m heading back to bust ass tonight! Today I’ve brought to work with me chocolate granola made by Bear Naked (ALL of their flavors are THE BEST). I highly suggest buying this brand.  I’ve also brought with me an orange, banana, grapefruit, 1/4 head of lettuce, greek yogurt, and a handfull of cherry tomatoes. I’m a “snack all day” kind of girl and my main focus to to change my snacking to superfoods! I’ve always been a veggie/fruit lover so it’s not too difficult for me. I crave crunchy greens and protein constantly HOWEVER it is VERY hard for me to pick up Wendy’s for the boyfriend and not order myself that baconator 😦 I’m doing it though and it’s become easier when I think about how far I’ve already come with switching habits and how much I don’t want to fall back into what I was doing. 

I’ve decided lifting weights is probably my favorite part of crossfit. I just want to be STRONG so badly. I love that every aspect of becoming a healthier, more fit person is incorporated into crossfit, but I can’t wait to get my hands on those weights every time! 


Anywho! Just wanted to throw an update out there…


What is your healthy meal today?! 


I truly love Friday’s, even more so when I don’t have to work Saturday! 

Yesterday evening’s workout was good, I was tired but not over worked, I think this is a great first week of training.  I’ve been pushed, and I’m super sore but not to the point of injury or not wanting to move! Good progress! Going again tonight, word is dead lifts, so I’m excited! 

Last night’s workout consisted of: 
First warm up: 20 second bar hang
                       20 squats
                       pvc shoulder stretch
                       20 windmills

Second warm up: 20 walking lunges
                            60 rows with a medicine ball (I did twice) = 120
                            40 mountain climbers
                            1 minute of jumping jacks

Sprints               Sprinted for 20 seconds 3x’s with 2 minute break between each set




Alarm goes off.

Grumble Grumble Grumble


HA! Well I mean yes I knew I had them but I must have NEVER worked those out before because I feel like it’s a new part that was glued to my body and I’m going through some painful stem cell regrowth. I’m going to attribute this to kettle bells! It makes me smile though because after one workout at the box and I already know I’m working out parts of me I would have never figured out how on my own. 

I go do my second WOD tonight…yay!


Also I suppose I’ll use my derby name as my sign out…. It seems fitting with being physical again because the last time I was working my ass off was when everyone knew me as….sCARHARTT. xo

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EDIT your life 🙂

Ministry of Lean


Editing. They say it’s the skill of the century. According to, we should strive to declutter our lives. Edit the excess material possessions that are not bringing joy to our lives. Edit the excess media that removes our sense of mental clarity. And edit the size of home we live in, go from a 4000 square foot house to a 2500. Or a 2500 square foot house to a 1000 square foot house. Or from a 1000 square foot apartment to a 500 square foot apartment.

It’s a 21st century notion of minimalism. If you love to use facebook, but only interact with 10 of your 1200 friends, start a new account with your 10 best friends. It’s essentially refining your life to only include the things that bring meaning, joy and happiness. If you love playing your guitar, keep it. But that keyboard that’s been gathering dust the…

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Okay so I survived my first actual WOD! I had it modified somewhat since it was my first day but I can’t wait until I can keep pushing past the point I’m at now.  I am very thankful to have girls I know at this box because they are very supportive and even the gals and guys I know that go to other boxes keep showering me with praise and encouragement! I know I can do this and I had a blast with it! I’m still learning all the names of things so please suffer through my explanations if I have to do it that way.  

My FIRST WOD included:

Warm up
3X this set–>  400 meter sprint
                       12-25 lb kettle bell swings
                        12 assisted pull ups

4Xs this set each for 20 sec at a time—> burpees with out the jump
                                                                 mountain climbers
                                                                 hollow man

I was there for about 40 minutes. Felt pretty good when I left, tired but still good, probably could have pushed myself a little more but being the first day I didn’t want to hurt myself. 

I got to meal prep last night and went with a wedge of lettuce, 2 hardboiled eggs, skinless boneless chicken breast for lunch and a cup of quinoa and a cup of greenbeans for an in between lunch and dinner meal. For breakfast I had greek yogurt with protein powder in it, 1 banana, and a grapefruit. 

Today I may go for a run but then I will be cleaning and relaxing the rest of the evening. My second Xfit class will be tomorrow!